What is the mussel wine of the year? When does mussel season begin? Have any new restaurants been opened? Read the latest culinary news from Philippine here.

31 mei 2020 | Restaurants open from 1 June

We are very pleased to announce that from June 1st at 12.00 hr you will be welcome in the restaurants in Philippine again. Of course we follow the rules. As we are only allowed to receive 30 persons per restaurant, we kindly ask you to make a reservation in advance. We missed you and look forward to welcoming you again. We hope to see you soon!

Attention! The Auberge des Moules will be open again from the 9th of June and the Oude Haven from the 26th of June.


3 juli 2019 | Mussel wine 2019

The kick-off of the mussel season includes the election of the mussel wine of the year 2019. This year's winner is As Laxas Val do Sosego Albariño from Rias Baixas, in Spain. It is a very fresh wine with a very full-bodied mouth feel at the start, which then retains its freshness.

Not too sweet
A good mussel wine should be fresh, not too sweet, which is why “new-world wines”, as Erik de Bruijne of De Mosselbank and his colleague Joris Jansen of Auberge des Moules put it, do not compete in Philippine's mussel wine of the year competition. Wines from South Africa, Chile, Australia and California are usually too pronounced, as there is a lot more constant sun during the growing season there. “European wines have more finesse because the weather conditions can vary greatly in Europe.”

Another reason to opt for only European wines is transportation. The eight restaurateurs in Philippine have agreed to each buy a pallet of the winning mussel wine, at six hundred bottles per pallet. “And they need to be deliverable on time,” says Jansen. “That’s doable for European wines, even though it’s not always easy, but it's a logistical nightmare for new-world wines.” [source: PZC]